Reciprocating pump was a noisy failure.

After becoming a trusted pump distributor, it didn’t take us long to realize that, to deliver the service our customers expect of us, we needed to get serious about repairs.  (Thus our 20,000 sq ft repair facility)

But when is a repair the right answer and when is NEW TECHNOLOGY for and OLD PROBLEM a better answer?   

Here is an example:  We provided a repair quote for a customer’s large reciprocating pump.  We supplied the quote and the customer was ready to send the pump.

But wait a minute.   It was time to ask a few questions. 

Digging in a bit further, we found out that the frantic pulsation of the recip pump was causing endless collateral damage.  In addition, each of these pumps were extremely high maintenance, causing endless headaches for the maintenance team.  

We found out that the fluid was 95/5 water soluble oil hydraulic fluid and the pressure was  1100 psig at discharge.

When talking to the maintenance crew we actually found out that maintaining the “95/5” solution often had to be done manually and, as you might expect, it sometimes dropped as low as 1% oil.

When that happened –  cylinders, hydraulic valves, and seals were all failing prematurely due to wear. And that damage caused pain-in-the-neck leaks from the plunger packing.

It was time to rethink the entire application.   Long story short, we proposed the Allweiler Emulsion Technology (EMTEC) hydraulic pump.  Why?

  • It was approximately one-third the cost of the repair.
  • It operated pulsation free.
  • There was zero vibration. (Once it was installed, we placed a nickel on edge on top of the pump while it operated – and it didn’t topple!)
  • It delivered consistent, reliable – even “care-free” service.   
  • Maintenance costs dropped significantly.
  • Operating costs lowered significantly.
  • And leaks were eliminated. 

Are you seeing similar issues by using a reciprocating pump when perhaps another technology might be a better fit?   

Let us know and let’s discuss whether or not another technology is better suited for your application.  

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