Pumping Solutions opened its doors in 1996 as a pump distributor. That is, opened its garage doors. Scott Champlin began Pumping Solutions in 1996 with a vision. This vision allowed companies to not only buy pumps from one distributor, but to also have the engineering knowledge at hand from this distributor to actually be able to help out if something went wrong. In other words, this vision was to partner WITH customers, to work CLOSELY with them, to help ensure their profitable SUCCESS. Come 2004, Pumping Solutions purchased American Midwest, a rotating equipment repair company, in order to further the circle that is/was all Pumping Solutions could offer its customers. IN 2008, Pumping Solutions purchased UniTech, a seal company, in order to complete the circle to become a full service pump/seal/fluid handling solution provider. Pumping Solutions grew more and opened doors (not garage ones, this time) to two new Texas facilities in both Houston and Odessa. Fast forward to now, in August of 2018, we part ways with the name that we have worn proudly for the past 22 years. However, we do not part ways with the success this name has brought us. Pumping Solutions will always be a name we carry with us. Only now, we add on the ProFlow to make it ProFlow Pumping Solutions.


To solve our customers’ fluid handling challenges with the right people, products and technologies.


  1. To practice clear, open, two-way communication.
  2. To diminish distractions and concentrate on the critical few.
  3. To perform our duties and interactions with integrity.
  4. To make the very most of our limited time.
  5. To face challenges with optimism and positive energy.
  6. To believe in each other and our dreams and help each other make them a reality.
  7. To do what we say we’ll do and do it well.
  8. To lift each other up, respect one another, offer encouragement, and trust each other to do our jobs well.


We are “Your Pump/Seal/Repair Partner”

You need the right people, products, support, and hard work to help you improve your reliability and to help you solve even your most challenging pumping issues. That’s why industry professionals like yourself continuously turn to ProFlow to get help with their rotating equipment/fluid handling challenges. We don’t just sell pump and seal equipment or offer complete repairs – we also help you solve your specific problems and help you improve the reliability of your existing operations. You need a complete rotating equipment reliability resource to work with you. That’s us. That’s ProFlow Pumping Solutions.

The Industries We Serve

We have successful installations in virtually every industry imaginable throughout North America, including:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Ethanol/Biofuels

  • General Industrial

  • Pulp, Paper, Plywood

  • Power

  • Steel

  • Water/Waste Water

  • Construction

  • Food and Beverage

  • Mining

  • Petrochemical

  • Chemical

  • Sand and Gravel

  • Dredging

Have a Pump Problem?

We are here to help.