Single Point Automatic Lubricator and A Management System to Go With It

We’ve partnered with global leading innovator Easylube to take the guesswork out of  bearing lubrication.

The Easylube Patrol Management System and Single-Point Automatic Lubricator with RFID technology Several factors need to be taken into account to allow you to reach optimum reliability and maximum benefits from a lubrication program.  These are known as the five “R”s of lubrication:

  • The Right lubricant
  • At the Right point
  • With the Right method
  • In the Right volume
  • At the Right interval

The Right Point with the Right Method

There are many advantages to using automatic lubrication systems, such as reducing waste and risk of bearing failure, free labor and force behind these safety to be improved.

Refers to best practices, where tagged with RFID technology will lead you approach to the Right point for maintenance management, work orders, condition monitoring, inspection and simply report to solve uncertainty issues in lubrication-related activities.

Maintenance Costs Influenced by Lubrication-Related Activities

Setting up a computerized patrol management system with RFID may take a little time initially, but the database which is built will be a great tool to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance system, reduce maintenance costs and uncontrolled downtime of machinery.

MQL Calculation

Performing the right grease volume and re-greasing interval at each bearing are 2 main keys in  maintaining bearing efficiency.  Therefore, conducting Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) to each bearing condition is a vital part.

The Right Volume

Controlling grease volume has been a long-standing problem for industry.  Simply follow OEM recommendations may not be enough.  MQL calculation is the only solution which provides simple and logical formulation to determine grease volume and re-greasing interval to be added.

The Right Interval

Although the re-greasing interval can be determined by experience, reports and charts, however, over or under lubrication is unavoidable.  MQL formulation ensure the exact setting of re-greasing intervals by taking consideration of each bearing specification and actual operating conditions.  This makes it so useful in application.

The Right Point

Most grease-lubricated points are supposed to tagged with a “RFID tag” for Patrol Monitoring.  It will enable each lube point to be managed effectively under MQL demand.

The purpose of routine inspection is to strictly check grease digestion on-site from its dispensing rate of lubrication system which should completely perform according to a setting period of quantification.  Hence maintenance technicians have to identify an irregularity in running by Listen, Feel and Look such as an important part in the preventative lubrication maintenance process.

The “RFID tags” probably can be read by NFC-enabled devices as a hand-held unit PDA or Smartphone that Easylube Guardwatch program could availably work in its operation system.  It’s more suitable for maintenance technicians to have a great effect upon the future of both serving with condition monitoring management.

The Right Method

The Guardwatch patrol system offering five(5) assignment of work orders for maintenance team as Routine inspection patrol, Replacement, Trouble-shoot, Error report and System suspend or to restart while to be displayed in the window to help maintenance team to simply accomplish their on-site mission in success.

The Guardwatch will provide a mobile communications facility by NFC-enabled devices, this technique enables technicians to download up-to-date work orders from assignment, and to upload mission reports/records back to PMS when he/she accomplish their mission.

The Guardwatch enables maintenance technicians to handle, identify, and record all lubrication-related issues promptly which ensure bearing to be under the best working condition, thus achieve higher greasing accuracy and effectiveness of routine inspection.


Dispense Time Setting

MQL calculation helps determine the right re-greasing interval and right right grease volume for each bearing by taking into consideration of actual operating condition with OEM as baseline.

To prevent premature bearing failure, first, make an attempt to ensure the dispense time setting of Easylube single-point automatic lubricator is set based on each bearing’s MQL formulation.  Next, stick on tag to Easylube PMS and the Guardwatch to monitor and manage each lube point’s status during routine inspection.

Single-Point Automatic Lubricator

It is a maintenance-free, cost effective and easy operated device especially designed for MQL formulation.   Its reliability and simplicity of dispense setting has earned a reputation in the marketplace.  It ensures bearings in good working condition regardless of weather, operation requirement and harsh environment.

Easylube single-point lubricator provides an adjustable dispense setting of 1 to 12 months.  Easylube imposes minimum lubrication pressure to maintain grease quality also avoid oil seal failure.  The patented infra-red control system provides 24-hour continuous monitoring to track feed blockage, LED warning light flashes to alert users to be aware and take corrective steps on the occurrence.

The Right Lubricant

A Cost-Effective Replacement

The idea of expendable materials is a cost-effective replaceable grease cup and battery only, while the expected serving life of Easylube lubricator is more than 5 years.  It inspires the stability and reliability feature for the reuse, also ensures it’s suitable for a wide variety of application especially equipments which are located at hard to reach or hazardous location.

It is advisable to use only recommended accessories to optimize product performance, reduce grease consumption, prevent contamination and enjoy quick return on investment.

Top 4 Reasons for a Dedicated Lubrication Plan
  1. Proactive maintenance has now received worldwide attention as the single most important means of achieving savings unsurpassed by conventional maintenance techniques.
  2. Much of the maintenance in most plants is performed in accordance to guesswork based on an owner’s manual as opposed to the machine’s true condition and need.
  3. It is almost certain that equipment is either being over-lubricated or under-lubricated, and with most sites, management doesn’t know which.
  4. 6-7% of the gross national product (240 billion) is required just to repair the damage caused by mechanical wear.  Wear occurs as a results of poor lubrication practices.
Top 4 Reasons for Dedicated Automatic Lubrication
  1. A lubrication/contamination control program was implemented plant wide that reduced the cumulative frequency of all tribological failures (from wear and contamination) by 90%.
  2. A study was done that concluded lubrication system cleanliness extended time between repairs by 20-50 times depending on the level of cleanliness.
  3. International Paper reported a 90% reduction in bearing failures in just six months after they implemented a lubrication/contamination control program in their Pine Bluff Paper Mill.
  4. It is generally accepted in the lubrication community that 60%

Easylube RFID, the scientific designed automatic lubricator helps to solve bearing lubrication and management problems.

  • No more uncertainty in greasing volume and re-lubrication interval on each bearing.
  • No more lubrication point is missed for check during inspection.
  • No more human errors during re-greasing and inspection patrol.
  • Enable easy tracking of bearing root cause.
  • Enable setting up a computerized bearing management system, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance practice thus reduce in maintenance cost.

So let’s start Easylube RFID program to remove uncertainty, eliminate human mistakes and improve employee safety, especially which equipment is located in isolated, scattered, dangerous and negligible areas.

The Right Method

Enjoy some great new benefits with Easylube Patrol Management System:

  • Operator Management
  • Lube points registration
  • Lube points identification
  • Patrol inspection routes
  • Quicker backup and restore
Lube Point Information
  • RFID data recognition
  • Bearing specification
  • MQL indication
  • Checklist available
  • Lube quality investigation
Pre-Warning monitors
  • Conduct correct MQL
  • Low level of grease
  • Scheduling of replacement
  • Abnormal issues
ON-SITE work orders
  • Conduct on-site feedback
  • Routine inspection period
  • Replacement
  • Trouble-Shoot
  • Error Report
  • System suspend/restart
  • Grease volume
  • Relube interval
  • MQL of General Bearing
  • MQL of Electric Motor
  • Dispense rate & setting
  • Lube point status
  • Bearing designations
  • Routine patrol report
  • Miss patrol report
  • Error report
Technical Support
  • Software Update
  • Online Demonstration
  • Material Download
  • Trouble Shooting