Cartridge Seals for Critical Toxic Emission Applications

We have partnered with the leading manufacturer of custom engineered seals

Flex-A-Seal is a respected leader in the design and manufacture of cartridge seals for critical toxic and fugitive emission applications where single seals are not acceptable.  The simple idea of a second layer of protection provides the level of assurance that the world has come to expect.  The Style 73P offers the advantages of an inboard stationary metal bellows design, while the Style 75P offers the efficiency and economy of springs isolated from the product.  We have concentrated on the customer’s need for easy installation and low maintenance that can be operated in a pressurized or non-pressurized state.  These designs fit pumps with standard and enlarged bores without modification.  Retained faces eliminate the need for troublesome drive pins.  Traditional cup point set screws in rotating units are replaced by a patent pending Plunger-Lock drive.  The torque transmission strength is increased 5 fold over traditional cup point set screws.  Most importantly, it allows for quick/easy assembly and seal-kit replacement.

The entire drive mechanism is out of product.  This system eliminates any possibility of sleeve distortion from over-tightened set screws.  There are no set screws to “back out”.  The spring-loaded mechanism keeps the lug “trapped” in position.  Both double cartridge seal designs are hydraulically balanced and the shrouded face provides additional protection.  Creative solutions offer the best hope for the preservation of our natural resources.