Simple Yet Innovative Design Structure

Scenic Seals are universal and able to be used for a wide variety of applications without needing any major modifications to fit to almost any kind of pump.    There are a few different styles of Scenic Seals, depending on the application the seal is needed for which include single and dual seals to fit both ANSI standard pumps as well as API standard pumps.

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Cartridge Seals for Critical Toxic Emission Applications

Flex-A-Seal is a respected leader in the design and manufacture of cartridge seals for critical toxic and fugitive emission applications where single seals are not acceptable. The simple idea of a second layer of protection provides the level of assurance that the world has come to expect.

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Innovative Engineered Rotating Equipment

The Orion Engineered Seals Bearing Protection Device (BPD) is a revolutionary, patent-pending sealing solution that provides maximum protection against contaminants while maintaining lubrication in the bearing. The Orion BPD’s innovative design enables bearing protection that is more durable and reliable than any other competing product on the market today.

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Minimizes or Virtually Eliminates Leakage

Due to its patented construction of natural expanded graphite yarns, Slade Packing turns the stuffing box into a heat sink, conducting heat away from shaft, in many applications, eliminating expensive leakage previously needed to cool the stuffing box.

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