It’s All About Reliability

Though you always get all the best products, parts support and service you need from ProFlow Pumping Solutions, our goal has always been to work closely with you to help you solve your rotating equipment problems.

At ProFlow Pumping Solutions, we’ve essentially taken all the principles under which we have normally operated and packaged them into a formalized program that we call the YR3 Program. What YR3 essentially stands for is Your Rotating Equipment Reliability Resource – because that’s exactly what ProFlow Pumping Solutions can be to customers who trust them to help with their pumping challenges.


The salespeople who call on you from ProFlow Pumping Solutions do much more than sell equipment. These trained, qualified and experienced professionals are your success partners who work with you directly to help eliminate your pumping problems, decrease your downtime, increase your productivity. We work with customers just like you to pinpoint your reliability issues – the ones that prevent you from operating smoothly, effectively and profitably – and then work with you to eliminate those problems with meaningful, long-lasting solutions.


We recognize that most reliability challenges can be traced to those persistent poor equipment performers (“bad actors”) where finding the root cause of the issues at hand can be difficult. Our rotating equipment specialists not only help you identify those exact causes, they also deliver a problem-solving action plan to help you achieve a meaningful solution that helps you realize measurable cost-saving results.

In fact, putting YR3 to work for you can actually reduce your pump, seal and bearing purchases because it zeros in on the actual issues which many times eliminates unnecessary equipment purchases or repairs.   With ProFlow Pumping Solutions’ YR3 program you can dramatically reduce unexpected outages and needless downtime by introducing comprehensive pump reliability initiatives throughout your operation. You can put YR3 to work for you on a project-by-project basis, or you can incorporate the entire program tailored to your specific requirements to most effectively reduce your total operating expenses.

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