Innovative Engineered Rotating Equipment Sealing and Bearing Protection Solutions

We have partnered with leading sealing and bearing protection company Orion to bring you the solutions to all of your rotating equipment problems.

The Orion Engineered Seals Bearing Protection Device (BPD) is a revolutionary, patent-pending sealing solution that provides maximum protection against contaminants while maintaining lubrication in the bearing.  The Orion BPD’s innovative design enables bearing protection that is more durable and reliable than any other competing product on the market today.  Over half of rotating equipment breakdowns are caused by bearing protection and product sealing failures.

Using state-of-the-art design, engineering and manufacturing technology, Orion Engineered Seals has developed several unique sealing solutions that will revolutionize the industry.  The Bearing Protection Device (BPD) offers innovative and improved features that no one else can offer.

  • Unique internal geometry that is vertically-oriented to maximize protection
  • Unique double internal chamber
  • Unique ANGLED interface to enhance containment and evacuation from first chamber
  • NO internal dynamic O-rings

What Makes Orion BPD Better

Two Vertical Internal Chambers
The Orion BPD utilizes the laws of physics with the vertical alignment of the internal chambers to create the most effective and efficient bearing protection device on the market today.

Internal Static Elastomers
BPD is the only true non-contacting device with two internal static elastomers, eliminating the potential of dynamic o-ring hang up.

Contaminant Exclusion
With double exclusion chambers, the Orion BPD can exclude higher volumes of contaminant, ensuring longer bearing life.

Angled Oil Return
With an angled oil return, the Orion BPD offers enhanced return flow and higher volume capacity with no oil leakage.

Angled Interface
While competing products offer a straight interface, the Orion BPD features an angled interface, giving the contaminant direction and flow to expel more efficiently.


Feature: Angled Interface  &  Benefit: Increased contamination exclusion

Feature: Double Vertical Internal Chambers  &  Benefit: Contamination is expelled vertically; redundant contamination exclusion

Feature: Two Static Internal Coalescing O-Rings  &  Benefit: Completely excludes vapor ingress by breaking it down and directing it to the contamination exclusion chambers; superior seal for oil mist applications; designed to work with TRICO oilers without over-filling the bearing housing

Feature: Exclusion Port  &  Benefit: 50% smaller due to contamination system effectiveness; connected to both contamination exclusion chambers

Feature: Angled Oil Return Groove  &  Benefit: Enhanced return flow and higher volume capability – no oil leakage; can easily handle slower RPM services

Feature: Internal Flinger on Rotator  &  Benefit: Expels heavier contamination centrifugally, assisting contamination exclusion; superior seal for vertical pumps

Feature: Third Built-In Trap  &  Benefit: Slight radial groove to further trap moisture