Delivers peak performance in a wide variety of extreme applications in chemical processing and related markets and industries.

All ANSI pumps on the market today are comparable in size and in interface and envelope dimensions, regardless of the manufacturer.  The difference is in the details: the quality of the product, accessibility to parts, highly responsive service, and the best value for your overall cost of ownership.

Can you switch over to PeakFlow from your existing pump manufacturer? Absolutely.  And PeakFlow makes it easy by providing faster service and better support.

The PeakFlow Advantage: The pump experts, engineers and technicians at PeakFlow have several decades of collective experience in the rotating equipment industry; they’ve seen it all and can help you with all of your rotating equipment needs and your toughest applications.

PeakFlow Pumps are made of the best materials, are engineered to the most exacting standards, and make use of the most innovative and effective designs.  The industry experts at PeakFlow don’t see you as a customer, they see you as a partner in success.  PeakFlow delivers total support reliably and responsibly – before, during, and after the sale.


The PeakFlow Advantage

PeakFlow ANSI pumps incorporate heavy duty/severe duty solid shafts and high-quality NTN bearings to minimize shaft deflection, and axial and radial loads.

Your Benefit: Less maintenance, maximum productivity and peak performance.

PeakFlow ANSI pumps incorporate enlarged seal chambers for heat dissipation.  Plus, you can get either Tapered Bore or Big Bore options.

Your Benefit: Longer seal life for maximum productivity and peak performance.

PeakFlow ANSI pumps utilize simple-to-use exterior impeller adjustment, eliminating the need to take the pump apart.

Your Benefit: Impeller clearance adjustable without disassembly for minimized downtime, more profitable uptime.

PeakFlow ANSI pumps incorporate both solid shaft and heavy wall casings, interchangeable with many leading ANSI pump manufacturers.

Your Benefit: You remain dimensionally compliant and interchangeable for easy switchover and less cost for replacement parts and repairs.

PeakFlow ANSI pumps have an optional impeller design to accommodate solids and low flow applications.

Your Benefit: The right pump for even your most demanding applications.

PeakFlow ANSI pumps incorporate tough, robust materials of construction including Iron/316SS fitted, all 316SS, CD4 and, upon request, Titanium, Alloy 20 and other alloys.

Your Benefit: Long life and maximum uptime.


YOU want reliability.
YOU want interchangeability.
YOU want long-life shaft seals and bearings.
YOU want maximum uptime and peak performance.
The PeakFlow difference is on the outside AND the inside.


A Look Inside a PeakFlow

The semi-open design of the CENTRIFUGAL IMPELLER is built specifically to handle a wide variety of fluids including solids, corrosives and abrasives.  Need to restore or adjust the impeller clearance after wear and tear? No problem.  All adjustments are done from the outside without taking apart the pump.  In fact, the entire impeller configuration is built both smart and tough for chemical and other applications where long-term, low-maintenance and peak reliability are essential.

Able to handle even the toughest liquids, SEAL CHAMBERS run cooler and keep vapors and contaminants away from the seal faces, thus maximizing the life of the seal.  Utilizing either large bore or tapered bore technology, the entire seal environment is designed for exacting heat dissipation and lubrication.

Heavy duty bearings within the POWER ENDS maximize bearing life, thus reducing maintenance issues and increasing your Mean Time Between Failure.  In fact, the entire design of the power ends is designed to not only maximize the life of the bearings, normally one of the most significant sources of maintenance issues, it also delivers effective oil cooling plus helps with minimizing shaft deflection.

An easy-to-read, durable, impact-resistant SIGHT GLASS allows for easy detection of lubricant problems.  The one-piece, super-clear glass extends directly from the pump, providing a clear, non-distorted view of the oil with no distortion or discoloration.  The flat front surface of the glass allows for the use of light or lasers to check for particulate – with no light deflection.


When you do business with PeakFlow you are doing business with a manufacturer of high-quality, industrial grade pumps and parts, delivering equipment designed to meet and exceed the requirements of even your most demanding applications.  To make sure that you reach peak performance every time, PeakFlow has the people, the know-how and the complete line of pump-related equipment including: vertical turbine pumps, pump seals, vertical multi-stage “stacked” pumps, and single-stage end-suction API pumps.