Pumps to Move Water FASTER

We have teamed up with global leader Pioneer to help you move your water faster than ever before.

Standard Centrifugal

The heart of the Pioneer Pump line, our standard centrifugal units offer extreme performance for the toughest applications and industries.  These units are available for solids handling or clear liquid service with options including run-dry mechanical seal, balance lines and double volutes.  Standard centrifugal series pumps are also available in a variety of different metallurgies to withstand the harshest environments.

  • Reduce Overhead Costs – Minimize on-hand parts inventory with our modular pump design.
  • Minimize Maintenance Costs – Keep the pump running optimally with replaceable wear rings, over-sized bearings and shafts.  The pump is protected by standard chromed shafts with lip seals or non-contacting bearing isolators that reduce energy consumption.
  • Reduce Operating Costs – Our industry-leading, high-performance impeller design provides more flow with less horsepower for lower operating costs.
  • Experience Superior Performance – Lower NPSHr and improved vapor handling are the result of a large impeller eye area.
  • Be Environmentally Responsible – Standard tungsten vs. silicon carbide mechanical seal prevents pump leakage with run-dry option.

Pioneer Prime

For superior flow and suction lift capabilities, consider the Pioneer Prime series.  Our pumps deliver extreme flows with high head capability, combined with our UltraPrime priming system, which is capable of rapid (50 CFM) unattended priming and run-dry operation.  Our environmentally friendly, patented PosiValve priming valve prevents leakage and product carryover.  Units are available for solids handling or clear liquid service.  In addition, enclosed silent units are available with low dBA ratings designed around your specific application.  Pumps are also available in a variety of different metallurgies.

  • Enjoy Quiet Operation – Sound-attenuated packages available.
  • Minimize Maintenance Costs – Keep the pump running optimally with replaceable wear rings, over-sized shafts and bearings.
  • Lower Operating Costs – More flow with less horsepower means reduced operating costs with our industry-leading, high performance impeller design.
  • Eliminate Environmental Concerns Due To Product Spillage – Our PosiValve stainless steel priming valve is specifically designed to eliminate product carryover.
  • Get Rapid Priming and Repriming – Our UltraPrime priming system provides 50 CFM liquid-tolerant, diaphragm vacuum pump for faster priming and higher air-handling capability.
  • Achieve Better Performance – Large impeller eye areas with lower NPSHr characteristics allow for higher suction life capability.
  • Prime From Dry For Unattended Operation – Standard indefinite run-dry tungsten vs. silicon carbide mechanical seal with large oil reservoir.
  • Increase Flexibility – Modular pumpset designs make it fast and easy to convert from trailer to skid.
  • Get a Rental-Ready Package – Robust skid with large integral fuel tank allows for extended run time.
  • Use Less Energy – Optimized package design matches pump with engine to use less horsepower and achieve higher performance.


Pioneer self-priming series pumps are designed for reliable solids and clear liquids pumping.  After initial priming they continue to re-prime automatically.  The next-generation Elite Series offers superior performance, increased reliability and additional maintenance features.  Both series are available in a variety of different materials.

  • ELITE SERIES EXCLUSIVE: Protect the Bearings – Rotating assembly utilizes a double lip seal with atmospheric drain for additional bearing protection.
  • Get Peak Performance – The simple external shimless impeller adjustment means that the user can easily adjust the tolerance between the impeller and wearplate.
  • One Pump.  Lots of Applications – Viton O-rings allow for use in a wide range of applications.
  • ELITE SERIES EXCLUSIVE: Make Easy Adjustments For Longer Impeller Life – Simple, external, shimless impeller adjustment from the rotating assembly or cover plate allows for adjusting the tolerances for increased wear life.
  • Keep Trash Moving – Semi-open trash handling ductile iron impeller.
  • Trust Our Seals – Cartridge type tungsten vs. silicon carbide mechanical seal for ease of maintenance and simple installation.
  • Worry About Something Other Than The Pump – 17-4 PH stainless steel shaft is corrosion resistant, easy to maintain and highly reliable.
  • Enjoy Reduced Downtime and Ease of Maintenance – Back pull-out removable rotating assembly gives you direct access to