A Superior Self-Priming Positive Displacement Pump

We have partnered with global positive displacement pump leader Allweiler to help you get the quality you need.

Progressing Cavity Pump

The ALLWEILER progressing cavity pump is a rotary self-priming positive displacement pump.  The pumping elements are the rotating eccentric screw (rotor) and the fixed, abrasion resistant, elastomeric lined stator.  In any cross-sectional plane, the stator elements are in contact with one another at three points or two points.  These points form three or two seal lines along the length of the stator elements.  The material is contained in the sealed enclosed cavities, which are formed as the rotor rotates and is displaced axially and continuously from the suction to the discharge or the pump.

ALLWEILER supplies various pump types for horizontal, vertical, and wet well installations.  The pump design, bearing assembly, type of shaft seal, and the material selection can be adapted to optimally suit each particular application.

Pumps are supplied in either frame or close coupled/block design.  Either design may be used with a speed reducer or various other types of drivers.  Pump speeds may also be controlled by the use of a variable frequency drive.


For pumping a wide range of liquids including highly viscous, neutral or aggressive fluids with entrained air, or with fiber and solids content.  Some of the industries served are chemical , petrochemical, pulp and paper, soaps and fats, paints and latex, food and beverage, plastics, ceramics, sugar, water and wastewater, agriculture, and shipbuilding.

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