Fybroc Fiberglass Pumps

Fybroc is the leader in corrosion-resistant fiberglass pumping equipment.  The Fybroc Series 1500 pumps have been designed to maximize the life of bearings and mechanical seals which can deteriorate because of shaft deflection resulting from radial thrust.  Radial thrust is the force acting on the side of an impeller as a result of the none-uniform distribution of pressure around the pump casing at off-peak operation.  The magnitude of this thrust varies with the flow but the amount of radial thrust can roughly be cut in half by utilizing a double volute casing.

Fybroc Series 1500 pumps are available with a wide variety  of mechanical seal arrangements.  For corrosive fluid handling, single outside and double inside seals are recommended.  The single outside seals have non-metallic wetted parts and all metal components located outside the pump.  The double inside mechanical seals have metallic parts that are exposed to buffer fluid only and are designed to limit the process fluid contact to no-metallic components.  All mechanical seals require flushing to lubricate the seal faces and maintain normal operating temperatures.  Seals are normally flushed with either a clean external fluid or by the liquid being pumped.  Fybroc Series 1500 pumps are furnished, as standard, with tapped glands for connection to the flush liquid or with the optional configurations displayed below.

Fybroc’s Internal Cover Flush option eliminates the need for external flushing of single mechanical seals from the pump discharge, which also eliminates the possible breakage of external tubing and fittings.

This option removes seal heat by circulating high pressure liquid internally through the drilled cover to the seal chamber and then recirculating this liquid back to the low pressure side of the pump.

PLEASE NOTE: Product brands are not available in all states or territories. Please confirm availability with your local sales representative.

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