The 3G series pump is intended for use in lubrication, hydraulic and control oil services such as those found on rotating machinery or other equipment needing forced lubrication, circulation, fluid transfer, distillate fuel burner or similar systems.  This series is available in seventeen displacements fitted into five casi

ng sizes.  Pump casings are produced from cast iron with the option of cast steel.

All pumps are fitted with mechanical shaft seals.  Inlet porting can be either radial (elbow), rotatable in 90 degree increments, or axial.  An internal tamper resistant relief valve is available as an option.  Porting on the 95 through 162 rotor size pumps can be either SAE  straight thread or SAE 4-bolt, Code 61, flange pad.  Porting on the 187 through 250 pumps is SAE 4-bolt, Code 61, flange pad.

Steel case pumps are equipped with SAE 4-bolt flange pads.  An optional in-line relief valve is also available.  All SAE flange pads accept 4-bolt, O-ring sealed Code 61 mating flanges of either socket weld or FNPT style.

Both iron and steel pumps are designed for flange mounting and can be provided with mating food brackets or ump to motor (C-face) brackets.  Flange or foot mounting on rotor sizes 95 through 162 and flange mounting on rotor sizes 187 through 250 allows the pump outlet port to be directly radially in 90 degree increments.  Port options allow almost any global standard connection type.  Units can also be supplied for vertical tank mounting.

These pumps are commonly used for machinery lubrication, hydraulic elevators, fuel oil transport and burner service, and powering hydraulic machinery.  They are also used in refinery processes for high temperature viscous products such as

asphalt, vacuum tower bottoms, and residual fuel oils.  They also find extensive use in crude oil pipeline service as well as gathering, boosting and loading of barges and ships.  They are common in engine rooms on most of the world’s commercial marine vessels and many combat ships.

PLEASE NOTE: Product brands are not available in all states or territories. Please confirm availability with your local sales representative.

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