We’ve partnered with global canned motor pump powerhouse Shinhoo to bring you the most useful equipment in seal-less pump technology.

Seal-less Pump Technology: When Leakage is NOT an Option

  • 100% leakage-free double containment design
  • Complies with the most stringent environmental protection requirements
  • Designed to handle extreme fluids, including flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, high or low temperature, and high pressure liquids
  • No shaft seals and ball bearings, eliminating nearly 70% of pump failures
  • No contact between sliding services means maintenance free operation and long service life
    • 8-10 years of service life possible (even in extreme conditions!)
  • Easy installation – no shaft alignment of motor and coupling required
  • Monitoring System that allows for scheduled maintenance and eliminates unexpected down-time
  • Multiple styles available to fit to whatever liquid you are processing – whatever temperatures – Shinhoo has got you covered

Pumping Solutions’ Eric Marion (pictured on left) recently helped this plant install two Shinhoo canned motor pumps that have eliminated costly and hazardous leaks, run more efficiently, and take up a fraction of the space of the pumps they replaced.


Can I run a Shinhoo canned motor pump dry?

No.  In fact, this practice is banned.  A canned motor pump is lubricated by water, meaning that the motor is cooled by water circulation.  If  you are running the pump dry, the motor is not being cooled and therefore, there will be bearing damage and/or motor burn-in.

PLEASE NOTE: Product brands are not available in all states or territories. Please confirm availability with your local sales representative.

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