We’ve partnered with global seal technology leader Tamar to help provide you with solutions to the most challenging pump applications.

Tamar specializes in the development and production of reliable and cost-effective rotary shaft sealing systems for pumps working in difficult applications.  Tamar seals utilize a patented, industry-changing design that maintains air pressure around the critical faces in the seal, allowing it to withstand tough applications and conditions while eliminating or drastically reducing all leaks. They are easy to install, and, once installed, can allow for dry running pumps. These seals also have a feature that indicates when they are due for service with that average time frame usually being somewhere between 6 months and 2 years.  They are ideal for pumps that handle sticky fluids, sludge, and other slurry and/or abrasive materials.  They can also be used for gaseous applications such as ones for agitators and for vacuum dryers.  This depends on if the high speed or the low speed option is purchased.  These different speeds allow the seal to be used in a wider variety of applications than other seals.  The high speed shaft-seal gives the option for a cooling jacket for high temperature applications.  Like the low speed option, this option also provides for the seal to be serviced while the pump is running. 

Tamar is also known for their premium injectable sealant.  A Tamar cartridge uses a static field of injectable sealant in the seal that surrounds the shaft sleeve and expands to fill every crevice and void between the sleeve and the stuffing box.  Pressure for this purpose comes from an air powered booster system that is connected to the seal.  It is a fiber-blended lubricant for seawater, brine, acids, and alkalis.  It is also resistant to hydrocarbon fluids, chemicals, and sewage.  This incredible sealant technology prevents leaks, has a very low cost-to-service ratio and does not wear out any pump parts.  It can run dry with no damage to the sealing system and can even be serviced while the pump is running (absolutely no down-time!)

We distribute internationally.

Pumping Solutions is a proud international distributor and service center for Tamar seals. Pumping Solutions’ team of application engineers can help you find ways to save money and increase productivity and efficiency by identifying pumps where Tamar pressurized seals would be most effective in your plant. Be sure to schedule a time with your Pumping Solutions sales and engineering representative to visit your plant to determine if Tamar seals are right for you. Or feel free to call our inside engineering and sales team at 708-272-1800 to learn more.

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