Metallic Gaskets for Extreme Conditions

We have partnered with global leader TEADIT to bring you metallic gaskets that can take care of you in extreme conditions.

Gaskets per ASME B16.20 have the winding with an external guide on the centering ring.  This solid metallic ring centralizes the gasket on the flange surface, limits the compression and reinforces the gasket.

Several countries developed dimensional standards for this style of gasket.  On March 30th, 1993 the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) issued a new edition of the ASME B16.20.  This edition includes spiral wound gaskets specifications and dimensions previously covered by the API 601 which will no longer be published by the American Petroleum Institute (API).  ASME B16.20 was most recently updated in 2007, adding new inner ring requirements and metrication of units.

The ASME B16.20 gaskets were designed for use in ASME B16.5 flanges or ASME 16.47 (API 605 and MSS SP-44).  Therefore, when ordering a spiral wound gasket for these flanges, dimensions are not necessary.  It is enough to inform materials for the metallic strip and filler, which should be compatible with the fluid to be sealed, the outer and inner ring metal, the nominal diameter and the pressure class of the flange.

Gaskets for Heat Exchangers

There are several types of Heat Exchangers, some of them so incorporated in our life style that we hardly  notice them, like car radiators or home heating units.  All of them transfer heat from one fluid to the other, cooling (radiator) or heating (home heating), according to the process needs.

In industry, there are several types of Heat Exchangers, some have specific names like radiators, boilers, chillers, etc.  However, when we refer to a Heat Exchanger generically, we may be referring to any of them.  However, the term Heat Exchanger in most process industries is referred to as the “Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger”.  As the name implies, it is equipment that has a “shell” and a bundle of “tubes”.  One of the fluids flows inside the shell and outside the tubes and the other fluid inside the tubes.

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