Vertical and Horizontal Pumps

We’ve partnered up with international company Vertiflo to bring you both vertical and horizontal pumps in half of the normal lead-time.

Seal-less Vertical Pumps

Designed for service in water, chemicals, sewage and slurries with features like:

  • Five Bearing Designs
  • Shafts to 5 Inches
  • Semi-Open Impellers
Horizontal End Suction Pumps
  • Come in one of two options: close-coupled or base-mounted
  • Stainless Steel
  • A wide range of models allowing for a wide range of applications
Trash- and Solid-Handling, Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Vertiflo’s Trash- and Solid-Handling Self-Primer is designed for service simplicity and quick and easy access to the impeller and case to remove debris.  Its over-sized, tapered bore, self-flushing seal chamber, with an industry first optional external flush, results in greatly extended seal life.  Back pullout design with external impeller adjustment, plus a replaceable case wearplate allows for continuous high efficiency performance.

Superior Design Features:
  1. Priming Chamber: Heavy-duty cast construction with large capacity volute allows continual re-priming.
  2. Seal Chamber: Over-sized tapored bore chamber with flow bars to eject sound and abrasives otherwise trapped in the chamber.  An industry first, external fresh water flush is optionally available for the most difficult pumping applications.
  3. External Impeller Adjustment: Heavy-duty cast iron power frame with replaceable and adjustable thrust bearing housing utilizing jack-screws, maintains impeller adjustment.
  4. Shaft: High-strength 17-4ph stainless steel with self-locking taper, along with Woodruff key and locknut assures perfect impeller attachment.
  5. Mechanical Seal: Single, self-aligning solid silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide faced seal for abrasive industrial wastewater service.
  6. Impeller: Semi-open, solid-handling design with rear wiping vanes and balancing hub that reduce seal chamber pressure and axial loading.
  7. Wear Plate: Replaceable heavy-duty wear plate protects priming chamber from wear of erosion.
  8. Inspection-Cleanup Cover: 6″ diameter cover weighing only 5 1/2lbs. provides quick direct access into priming chamber and impeller.
  9. Check Valve: Replaceable, molded in one piece with integral rupture disc valve allows re-priming and protects the priming chamber from high pressure or vaporization.
  10. Check Valve Cover Plate: Check valve inspection and service is possible by removing this plate.  Draining

PLEASE NOTE: Product brands are not available in all states or territories. Please confirm availability with your local sales representative.

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