Seal-less Pump Technology

When Leakage is NOT an Option

Sometimes when talking about canned motor pumps, it sounds as if we are talking about a pump technology that is literally too good to be true.

Canned Motor Pump Advantages

In pump-industry terms, the discussion sounds like the greatest “what-if” scenario you could ever come up with:

What if:
  • it was a more efficient pump?
  • it had no seal, so no leakage?
  • It required no separate motor?
  • it required no support utilities to add like nitrogen or cooling water?
  • It had Dual Containment in case of a catastrophic event, virtually guaranteeing no spills?
  • It had a smaller footprint because there is no bearing frame or spacer coupling?
  • you could easily add the pump because it had ANSI Dimensions?
  • It had a smaller footprint because there is no bearing frame or spacer coupling?
  • you could easily add the pump because it had ANSI Dimensions?
  • It had zero dangerous fume emissions ?
  • There was no noise coming from the pump - so lower decibel levels?
  • The cost was relatively close to an ANSI Pump + Double Cartridge Seal + Barrier fluid Pot + motor + tubing + monitors?
  • The necessity for alignment was eliminated because the pump and motor shaft are one?
  • vibration is low because misalignment is eliminated?
These are just some of the operating, maintenance, and performance advantages canned motor pumps provide.



No Leaks


We’ve partnered with global canned motor pump powerhouse Shinhoo to bring you the most useful equipment in seal-less pump technology.

  • 100% leakage-free double containment design
  • Complies with the most stringent environmental protection requirements
  • Designed to handle extreme fluids, including flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, high or low temperature, and high pressure liquids
  • No shaft seals and ball bearings, eliminating nearly 70% of pump failures
  • No contact between sliding services means maintenance free operation and long service life (8-10 years of service life possible (even in extreme conditions!))
  • Easy installation – no shaft alignment of motor and coupling required
  • Monitoring System that allows for scheduled maintenance and eliminates unexpected down-time
  • Multiple styles available to fit to whatever liquid you are processing – whatever temperatures – Shinhoo has got you covered
Bring us your “Bad Actors.” (You know – the ones who are high-maintenance, expensive and only intermittently good at what they are supposed to do.) We will replace them and at the same time save you headaches and hard cash.

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