Three-Screw Pumps

Three-screw pumps are rotary‚ self-priming positive displacement pumps. The pumping elements consist of three moving parts: the power rotor (main screw) and two symmetrically opposed idler rotors‚ all operating within close fitting housing bores. The incoming process fluid is conveyed by the rotating power rotor by means of the cavity formed with the intermeshing idler rotors.
Symmetrical pressure-loading on the power rotor eliminates the need for radial bearings to absorb radial forces. The idler rotors generate a hydrodynamic film which provides radial support similar to journal bearings. Axial loads on the power rotor and idler rotors‚ created by differential pressure‚ are hydrostatically balanced. The real, differentiating strength of this pump technology is that high pressure boost capabilities even when handling low viscosity fluids
Three-Screw Pumps

Markets Served by Three-Screw Pumps:

Power Generation

In a challenging industry where downtime is simply unacceptable, our reliable pumps are proving themselves in a number of areas including:

Industrial Solutions

With their ability to handle a wide range of fluids in a variety of flows and conditions, these pumps are proving to be a real asset in a number of industrial applications.
Chemical Processing
With their consistent flow and unmatched reliability, three-screw pumps are perfect for keeping your equipment lubricated and performing. They also offer exceptional performance in areas such as polymer production
Pulp & Paper In such a competitive industry, you need all of the competitive advantages you can get and our pumps deliver. Whether it’s lubricating equipment or transferring fuel, our fluid handling solutions bring efficiency and performance to areas like:
Building & Construction
Our three-screw pumps are found in a variety of areas in the building and construction industries. Their dependable and efficient performance are proving to be a real asset in areas such as:
Metals & Minerals
In mining, your entire operation revolves around your equipment. And our three-screw pumps excel at delivering the fuel and the lubricants to keep that equipment running. Our pumps offer reliable performance in areas like:

Oil & GAS

Whether it’s upstream, downstream and anything in between, our three-screw pumps set the standard for the oil and gas industry.
Some of the biggest names in the industry trust our three-screw pumps and our offshore and on-shore expertise. Our pumps offer reliable performance in areas like:
With their ability to handle a variety of fluids, our three-screw pumps are perfect for the challenges of storage facilities and offer reliable performance in areas like:
Meeting the round-the-clock demands of getting crude oil from upstream to downstream requires huge levels of both dependability and efficiency. Our three-screw pumps offer proven performance in areas like:
From changing regulations to rising power costs, the world of refineries is full of unique challenges. Our three-screw pumps help you meet them with their ability to handle high temperatures, high-pressures and a variety of corrosive process fluids. They’re built for:

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