Pump Repair Success Stories/Gallery

Seeing is believing, and here are only a few of the hundreds of challenging pump equipment repairs we have performed over the last 20 years.

Stainless Steel Impeller Repair

We saved a waste water treatment plant over $30,000 on this 48” diameter 410 Stainless Steel Impeller for an Allis Chalmers pump.

Vacuum Pump Housing Upgrade

A chemical plantʼs process was corroding eight of these cast iron SiHi vacuum pump housings annually. The plant engineer had ProFlow Pumping Solutions upgrade the metallurgy to 317L stainless steel. At the time of this posting, we saved this customer from buying 80 housings, in addition to providing massive reductions in maintenance and huge production savings.

Boiler-feed Pump Repair

Four-stage barrel style Pacific boiler- feed pump repair including pump-head metal-to-metal fit upgrade. After our repair, this pump showed the lowest vibration readings in its 40 year history.

Turnkey Repair

A ten-stage Ingersoll Rand model 2WXA-810 pump for a landfill gas recovery unit.


Seven-stage barrel style Pacific boiler-feed rotating element being balanced.
Balancing a 5,000 pound rotating assembly.

Heater Drain Pump

Repaired, coated, and double Smart 388 Cartridge Seals installed

Foster Wheeler Condensate Pumps

Allis Chalmers - 90" x 54" Cooling Water - Circulating Pump

11 Stage Barrel/Boiler-Feed Pump

Large, Midwest coal-fired power plant. Unsuccessful in attempts to install without leaks and rubs. Repaired damage from previous improper installations and installed properly.

Casting Weld Repair

Machined to restore fits

Split Case Pump

Weld repaired, milled and line bored

Fairbanks Morse vertical bowl

Repaired and fitted with a new 410 stainless steel liner.

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