Scenic Seals are of a simple yet innovative design structure.  They are universal and able to be used for a wide variety of applications without needing any major modifications to fit to almost any kind of pump.    There are a few different styles of Scenic Seals, depending on the application the seal is needed for which include single and dual seals to fit both ANSI standard pumps as well as API standard pumps.  Scenic also has options for mixer/agitator seals.   The design is in accordance with international standards and has compatible and exchangeable dimensions.  Custom designs are an option for those that have specific requests outside of the classic selection of Scenic Seals.

ANSI Seals

Scenic offers two different types of options to fit ANSI pumps.  There is both a single and a double seal option that will fit to ANSI standard pumps.  The single cartridge seal has adhered to the ANSI standard and big bore sizes of rotating equipment.  This sizing includes water pumps, chemical pumps, vertical pumps, and large pumps.  There are options for both freezing conditions and for high temperature conditions, the high temperature condition including a cooling accessory.  There is also an option for high viscosity and crystallization tendency fluids.  The dual cartridge seal is incredible at preventing VOC emissions and being used with high corrosion media.  Both seals have a few different styles that allow them to be used in just about every industry with the ANSI pump

API Seals

Scenic offers two different types of options to fit API pumps.  There is both a single and a double option which each come in a few different styles to fit to your API pump regardless of the exact application.  This pump is specially engineered for the refining and petrochemical industries, as it is especially suited for high-temperature and high-pressure applications.  The inboard stationary ring is able to maintain consistent strength under these conditions.  These seals increase safety for your plant – there are impact absorbing washers inside of each seal to ensure spark-free operation to keep your workers and plant safe from catastrophic fire.

Mixer/Agitator Seals

The mixer/agitator seals are dual seals, designed for both pressure directions.  Pumping grooves on the seal provide a cooling effect by circulating the cooling fluid to carry away any seal-generated heat.  This improves both sealing efficiency and stability.  These seals also accommodate to shaft run-out while preventing VOC emissions, providing high operational safety.  The mixer/agitator seals also have the capability of cooling through a pressurized flush liquid, self-circulating, and handling low-pressure, low-speed rotating equipment with large run-out to make it the absolute best working partner to reaction kettles.  Scenic mixer/agitator seals have mainly seen application in the refining, petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electric power, chemical processing, and pulp and paper industries.