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As a full-service industrial rotating equipment company, ProFlow Pumping Solutions offers a full complement of seals equipment and other pump-related equipment and components from some of the biggest names in the industry. This broad equipment selection allows us to help you determine with the best solutions for your specific pumping applications.
We partner with these leading global brands:

Mechanical Seal Solution

You can get seal technologies for a wide variety of industries and applications. In addition, we offer a number of custom seal technologies to suit your specific pumping needs.

Good: Type 99 Single Cartridge Seal

Why choose this design?
Our standard cartridge seal is perfect for customers who simply want better performance after connecting their pump product.

Better: Type 99 SS Single Cartridge Seal

Why choose this design?
For severe duty applications, step up to the heavy-duty 99SS cartridge design. Clog-resistant line contact design makes it perfect for fluids with solids or even many slurry applications.

Best: Type 99SSQD Heavy-Duty Slurry Seal

Why choose this design?
This specially upgraded 99SS seal allows for the internal seal faces to be quenched with a compatible fluid such as water, grease or our super-life HT barrier fluid. This quench allows the seal to survive even dry run conditions. It’s a great choice when pumping slurries and extending life through upbeat pump conditions is a privilege.

Superior: 388 HD Double cartridge Mechanical Seal

Why choose this design?
Superior technology and craftsmanship is built standard into the 388 design. With an oversized bi-directional gear-tooth pumping-ring moving huge amounts of barrier fluid the 388 runs cool. While the flexible stator feature allows the sealing faces to pivot and align perfectly even under adverse shaft run out conditions. Micro-polished O-ring running surfaces eliminate most O-ring issues. Step up to the 388 HD double-cartridge mechanical seal for superior mean time between seal failure.

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