SLADE Sealing Products

Minimizes or Virtually Eliminates Leakage!

Due to its patented construction of natural expanded graphite yarns, Slade Packing turns the stuffing box into a heat sink, conducting heat away from shaft, in many applications, eliminating expensive leakage previously needed to cool the stuffing box.

Can Be Operated Flush-Free in Most Applications

Slade Packing conducts heat away from the shaft/sleeve, in most cases making flush unnecessary.  If media has particulate contamination, a very mild flush should be all that is required.

No flush-water translates into:

Excceptional savings, typically 1/2 cent per gallon, or $13,000 annually (U.S.) (based on 5 GPM flush system)

No fear of flush-water system becoming plugged or experiencing loss of pressure

Reduces Inventory and Cost

By eliminating die-formed rings (cut-rings work fine)

Handles most medias, 1-14 pH, eliminating many styles of packing

In many applications, no need to remove old packing, just add a ring

Lasts 4 to 6 times longer than traditional pump packings

Worn Shafts and Sleeves Easily Sealed

Conforms to the geometry of the stuffing box and shaft.  Seals most worn sleeves.

Seals Rotating Equipment

Whereas most pump packings are largely abrasive fibers with added lubricants that can be squeezed, washed or cooked out, Slade Packing utilizes the self-lubricating qualities of the very best natural, exfoliated graphite.

Incorporating just enough temperature and chemical resistant ‘carbon fiber’ to make very high tensile strength yarns, Slade’s patented (graphite yarn) technology allows the braided packing rings to transfer frictional heat away from high speed shaft sleeves, eliminating the need, in  most cases, for cooling water.

Since cooling or flushing is not typically required, there is no need for lantern rings.  This eliminates the concern of the lantern rings being adjusted out of position, flush water ports becoming plugged, or sleeve wear caused by corrosive nature of highly oxygenated water on hardened sleeves.