Heavy-Duty Modular Submersible Pump Series

Hevvy offers the only fully integrated pressurized sealing solution on the market.  Thanks to the combination of its patented positive pressure technology and tailored Hevvy Slurry Seals, the HNS submersible pump lasts longer and can pump more aggressive slurries than any other submersible pump.

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Total Slurry Transport System Solutions

The heavy-duty slurry pumps that GIW provides are for abrasive or abrasive-corrosive service and can withstand even the most severe slurry applications.  There are three different models of these heavy-duty slurry pumps which are the Minerals LCC Rubbery Slurry Pump, the Minerals LCC Metal Slurry Pump, and the Minerals LCC Heavy Slurry Pump.

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